“Best Match Ever”

“Best match ever, anywhere”

May 12, 2016


Mike B.

The May 500 tournament was fantastic,  by some comments it was by far our best to date.  Shooting from the grass allowed for a more comfortable/stable position, and its a lot quieter for shooters and spectators alike.  We will be shooting some strings from the grass occasionally but not every month.  We had several members share equipment, mats, chairs and sun tents so it was very much a family atmosphere IMO.  The only issue I was was its 100 yards to the restroom!  As usual lunch was served to shooters and spectators alike back at the grill area, shooting started at 09:20 and concluded at 2:45pm.  Targets and equipment were stowed and everything cleaned up by 3:00pm, medals were awarded etc and I was on the road at 3:30.  Thank you everyone that helped, especially the target crew and cook we cant do these matches without a lot of assistance and cooperation.  We had 22 guns fire in the tournament, that is a great turnout.

The weather was just about perfect, upper 70s most of the day, scattered clouds and gentle breezes (except when I was shooting I guess) most of the day.  The wind did start to fish-tail and pickup in the 3rd match, scores reflected the changing conditions and possibly the new challenge of shooting from the grass set a few shooters back a tiny bit.  These are the conditions we encounter at most other ranges, all military ranges shoot “in the open” no cover, no concrete.  I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did, please give me your comments positive or negative.

The Scores

We had two “any-gun” shooters today, Bob Wills and Harry Nettles shot match rifles from a sling vs. a bi-pod… Harry shot with iron sights and posted a great score considering.  Both are winners as they are shooting different class of guns 🙂 but they didn’t wait around for their medals.  We had two women shooters today, Dawn Brandt a new-comer beat me with my own gun…just say-in. And Lisa Williams turned out for her first shoot in a few months and despite some zero issue on the first string posted great scores.

Two shooters in F-class open, Peter Nistead posted aggregate 571-20x, an expert score.

F-T/R had 18 shooters, not all were able to finish the match due to scheduling or equipment problems but several great scores have been posted. Only 6 points separated 1st and 5th places… all expert score and tight competition to be sure.  Todd Davenport took 1st place, Mark Sightler took 2nd and Kevin Baker went away with 3rd.  Congratulation gentlemen.

NameClassBestTargetAggScoreClassPositionScore class

Harry NettlesMatch Rifle149.01313.01 Marksman

Bob WillsMatch Rifle163.01445.03 Marksman

Todd DavenportF-T/R194.08577.191Expert

Mark SightlerF-T/R196.07577.142Expert

Kevin BakerF-T/R196.06575.153Expert

Robert HerstineF-T/R195.05574.134Expert

Steven PietroF-T/R195.05571.145Expert

Cole CheathamF-T/R189.06561.146Sharpshooter

Robert ZahrnF-T/R189.07560.097Sharpshooter

Donald WagarF-T/R196.04551.068Sharpshooter

Layne HowardF-T/R183.01535.029Marksman

John RidgewayF-T/R185.00526.0110Marksman

Matthew DavenportF-T/R187.03515.0511Marksman

Dawn BrandtF-T/R179.01468.0112Marksman

Jody SeaseF-T/R161.00421.0013Marksman

Bob WhitleyF-T/R171.00399.0214Marksman

Lisa WilliamsF-T/R183.03355.0315Marksman

Michael BarlettaF-T/R168.00168.0016Marksman

Preston BanksonF-T/R154.00154.0017Marksman

Austin RizerF-T/R  18

Peter NistadF-Open196.12571.201Expert

Malcolm DrennonF-Open195.09315.092Marksman

Some minor updates to our procedures are going into effect for future matches:

  1. Only the two designated scorers and the referee will participate in scoring targets until all targets for that relay are scored and recorded.  Anyone wanting to score or learn that process should see me before the match, we want everyone to participate but not all at once. Competitors should review their target and initial their score card while the next relay shoots their record string.

  2. When each shooter completes his record string, he may remove his firearm only to behind the ready area until at least one shooter on each side of him/her is complete. Moving mats, rests, or policing brass is a distraction and dangerous.  Failure to comply may result in a DQ.

  3. When a relay is called to the line you will have 2 minutes (pre-prep) to bring equipment/firearm to the line. If you are not paying attention or are not in the area you will have to use your shooting time to catch up.  The full 3 minute Prep will only be given for the sighter string, followed by 5 minutes for unlimited sighters.  For the record string, shooters will be called to the line and the given a 22 minute block time, including prep and record time for the 20 round string.

If I forgot anything please let me know, thanks again everyone you make this a pleasure.

Next Match

The next match isSaturday June 11th, first shots at 09:00. This is an 800 yard, 3 target match – 20 rounds plus sighters each target.  We begin registration / setup at08:00 and first shots at 09:00.  Weather permitting we will shoot from the grass just in front of the covered firing line.

As always newbies and non-members are welcome.  Fees are the usual @20/member gun, $25/non-member.  Noobs (1st official prone matchat PGC) are always free!  You dont have to shoot all 3 targets, you can shoot any portion of the match.

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