June Match Report

June Long Range Results

 June 16, 2016

Mike B.

It was not as hot as expected, I think the weatherman kept the shooters away.  This was a small field for us with only 13 guns, but a great time was had by all and we posted some really great scores.
Peter Nistad posted a new club record for a single target, 200-14x.  his next target would have been a 199 if he didn’t shoot a 10 on my target… bigger numbers (larger than the targets) are on order 😉


Malcolm DrennonF-Open198.13585.251Master

Henry NealeF-Open197.06578.132Expert

Steven ChiccaF-Open140.00140.003Marksman

Kevin BakerF-T/R197.11590.221High Master

Steven PietroF-T/R197.10587.212Master

Tom FinleyF-T/R195.07583.173Master

Peter NistadF-T/R200.16572.264Expert

Charlie CheathamF-T/R194.05570.065Expert

Robert HerstineF-T/R190.01555.076Sharpshooter

Donald WagarF-T/R191.01553.077Sharpshooter

Dawn BrandtF-T/R184.06521.108Marksman

Michael BarlettaF-T/R  9

Lisa WilliamsF-T/R  9

July Long-range Clinic

We’ve recently received requests for another clinic. I need some shooters to help out demonstrating equipment and explaining the techniques necessary for success.  It will be 3-4 hours and include some shooting time for any participants that bring a scoped rifle.  We will demonstrate proper 100y zero, and explain MOA as well as show beginners how to practice effectively.  Anyone interested in helping bring new shooters into the sport contact Michael Barletta at your convenience.

Next Match

July 9th @09:00

As scheduled we will shoot both July and August, July’s match is Mid-range.  We will shoot 3-20 round targets at 600 yards.  Lunch will be served as usual, setup begins at08:00 and we should conclude by 14:00.

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