July Match Report

July LR Match Results

July 14, 2016


Mike B.

Well its nice to have some fresh faces on the podium, this months winners are Malcolm Drennon 1st-Open (missing from photo), Matt Sarsfeld 3rd-Open, Steven Chicca 2nd-Open, Kevin (bacon) Baker 1st-T/R with 2 new club records, Bob Wills 1st-Service Rifle, Charlie Cheatham 2nd-T/R, Tom Finley 3rd-T/R.  congratulations guys this was one of the most competitive fields to date.  Average scores were well above marksman.

The Match

Weather was hot but dry, forecast was for 100 but it didnt get past 96.  Gentle breezes and the fan helped out a lot, no body was complaining about the heat, some complained about the shifting wind or bullets or whatever but everyone had a good score.  Several shooters shot for a personal best target or best match including 4 of our winners.

Fastest Match YTD as well

As usual Malcolm arrived very early and new shooter Robert Zahrn helped setup the frames before I arrived before08:00, we shot our first target before 09:00 and were all fed by 12:00.  We completed the last target after 13:00and were all ready to award medals by 14:00.  Great job team very smooth and easy match for me.

Here are the scores;

NameRifle ClassBest TrgAgg ScorePositionScore-classAgg %

Malcolm DrennonF-Open196.07586.151Master97.67%

Steven ChiccaF-Open187.04544.082Marksman90.67%

Matt SarsfieldF-Open183.04530.073Marksman88.33%

Kevin BakerF-T/R200.10590.261High Master98.33%

Charlie CheathamF-T/R197.04586.112Master97.67%

Tom FinleyF-T/R200.08585.173Master97.50%

Layne HowardF-T/R196.06573.154Expert95.50%

Donald WagarF-T/R194.04567.095Expert94.50%

Michael BarlettaF-T/R190.06553.086Sharpshooter92.17%

Dawn BrandtF-T/R188.02541.057Marksman90.17%

Robert ZahrnF-T/R179.03528.058Marksman88.00%

Bob WillsMatchRifle176.03490.04 Marksman81.67%

July Result Spreadsheet
If you need links to forms or files look in the links below.

Next Match(s)

There is a LR Competition Clinic July Sunday 23rd at11:00am – 3:00pm.  This will include a free “mini-match” 300 and 600 yards 10-20 shots each. Registration required, see link below.

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