October Long-range F-class & Prone Clinic

Learn to Shoot Long Range
October 23rd, 2016   11:00am – 3:00pm
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Attention Rifle Shooters,

PGC Long Range shooters will host a Intro to F-class / Long Range Shooting Clinic. This is an introduction to NRA High Power F-class Prone, Long-Range (800-1000yards) and Mid-Range (300-600yards) Shooting Disciplines. NRA High Power Rifle Rules Section 22.

This clinic is for members, family & guests only.  Everyone attending the clinic must be a member, or be accompanied by a member.  Attendees MUST READ the primer and save a pdf copy of the rules for future reference.  Both available in links below.

This clinic will over-lap / follow an actual match Sunday morning.  You are encouraged to attend early, we begin match registration at 08:30 and start shooting at 09:00, the clinic will begin at the conclusion of the match and continue until approximately 3:00pm.  Clinic attendees will have the opportunity to view/touch some competitive equipment as well as have their own guns evaluated by the clinic staff.  Attendees may bring rifles and ammo, shooting will be restricted to 100 and 200 yard distances. Staff will assist and coach attendees with zeroing rifles, getting into a proper position for competition and practice shooting groups at reduced distance.

We refer to shooting at both distances as “long range” because the exact same techniques are used for both. We will discuss the skills and equipment required to shoot at these distances. If you have ever been “on the long line” while our regular competitors were shooting, you saw some pretty exotic gear, much of it is expensive. All of that is not really required to shoot at great distances, but it does help. The “required items” are a good quality rifle with modern high velocity cartridge, a good reliable sighting system (irons or telescopic) and practiced shooting fundamentals.

We will have several experienced long range shooters and their equipment available during the clinic to effectively explain & demonstrate the basics of shooting and competing at 600+ yards.
Bring with you; water, eye and ear protection, optionally a rifle, ammo, rest, shooting mat etc. You don’t have to bring a gun, don’t buy anything special for this session. If you choose to bring your own gun we will be happy to evaluate any mechanical issues that could limit success. Leave guns cased, unloaded, in your vehicle until instructed to bring to the line.  Below you will find links to the NRA rule book and a short Primer document to help introduce this exciting and challenging shooting program.

Long Range Certification is not necessary to compete in our matches, if you are not certified you need approval (individual basis) of one of the match directors to ensure you can safely and effectively place all bullets in the impact berm.

NRA Rule Book
F-class Primer
Clinic Goals and Objectives
Explain the challenges of
“Long Distance Shooting”
  • Ballistics, what do-da-bullet-do?
  • Equipment and Ammo Selection
  • Shooting positions and fundamentals
  • Improving your groups
  • Targets; Identification and Ranging

Introduce Competitive Shooting Programs, Rules and Procedures

  • Getting Started
  • Rules & Sanctioning Bodies
  • Targets & Scoring
  • Types of Competition
  • Competitor Classification

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