October Long-range Match Announcement

The Long-range 800y Match scheduled for Saturday Oct 8th was cancelled due to weather.  We will have an un-registered match (still official for club score purposes) Sunday October 23rd at 09:00 start time.  Registration begins at 08:30.  This match is 800 Yards, 2 or 3 targets (time & weather permitting) or 20 rounds plus sighters each.  Normal match procedure and NRA rules apply.

Lunch will be served as usual, Scoring will be in the classroom.
The short firing lines ( 25 – 200 yards) will be open to casual shooters or rifle testing/maintenance.

The match will be immediately followed by an introductory LR Clinic, I need some volunteers to assist leading this. If you are receiving this email, you are qualified to assist as an instructor. Register for the clinic as Staff.

!!! Special Notice !!! AS of 10/3/2016

All F-class & Prone competitors AND spectators are REQUIRED to have both eye and ear protection in their possession at all times during a match.  One of our competitors had a serious equipment/ammo problem during practiceSunday, causing an accident which required hospitalization.
I will explore the NRA rules to determine if we can “require” eye-pro during a record string of fire, but at all other times while the line is hoteveryone will wear eye-pro.

If you are testing loads, working on your firearm on the line, or at home loading ammo or cleaning firearms
Safety glasses with or without “bi-focal reader” lenses are available on Amazon.com or at Home-depot for about $10


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