2017 Long Range Calendar

2017 Long Range Calendar

Our 2017 Calendar is now set.   We are still shooting on every second Saturday of the month.  The Mid Range Prone and F-Class Championship was moved to October.   Hopefully it will be a little cooler.   Please notice that all EVEN months (with the exception of October)are 800 Yard Matches.

Match registration and setup starts at 8 AM

Match Dates

January 14th  – 600
February 11th  – 800
March 11th  – 300
April 8th  – 800
May 13th  – 600
June 10th  – 800
July 8th  – 600
August 12th  – 800
September 9th  -500
October 13th/14th/15th  – F-Class and Prone Championship 300/500/600
November 11th  – 600
December 9th  – 800


December Long Range Match

December 10th is the next Palmetto Gun Club long range match. This will be shot at 800 yards.  Announcements for the 2017 year and schedule will be discussed after the match.   As a reminder, unless otherwise specified, all Palmetto Gun Club Long Range matches are 3 targets, 20 rounds each, not including sighters.  You do not have to shoot all 3 targets.  Long range matches (800yards) are the even numbered months. Mid-range matches (300-600) are the odd number months.

Additional opportunities to shoot

There are additional opportunities in the area  to shoot F-class and Prone.  Please check out Mid Carolina Gun Club, They have a 300 yard match.  The Palmetto State Marksmen Association shoots at Ft Gordon.  They shoot a 1000 yard match.  Check with those clubs for more details.

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