July Match Reminder

July Match Reminder

The next Palmetto Gun Club Match will be held on July 8th.  This will be a 3×600 yard Mid-Range match.  This is an NRA approved match. Lunch again is not being served, however, drinks and snack are provided.  It’s going to be hot remember to drink lots of water!  Registration and setup starts at 8AM and the match begins at 9AM.   Again, the match accepts credit/debit cards. There is a $1 service fee on top of the match fee to use a credit/debit card.


 Additional opportunities to shoot

There are additional opportunities in the area to shoot F-class and Prone.  Please check out Mid Carolina Gun Club, which holds a 300-yard match.  In addition, the Palmetto State Marksmen Association shoots at Ft. Gordon.  That club shoots a 1000-yard match.  Check with those clubs for more details.

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