The F-Class Matches Are held at Palmetto Gun Club every SECOND SATURDAY of the month.  Matches are open to the public.  Please read The F Class Primer if you have never shot this style shooting before.  Everyone is welcome to shoot.  If it is your first time at our match you can shoot for free. Just let the Match Director know when you sign in.  A basic knowledge of bullet drop and scope adjustments and Range Safety is highly advised.

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 August MATCH IS CANCELED, Stay Tuned for updates.


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What is F Class

F-Class is one of the fastest growing precision rifle shooting sports.  F-Class is shot prone at distances of 300 to 1200 yards (800 Yard Max At Palmetto Gun Club). There are two basic classes or categories in F-Class. There is ‘Open’ class, which has a 10kg (22 lbs.) weight limit, max .35 caliber, 3″ wide fore-end, and no one-piece rests or rear mechanical rests. Then there is ‘F/TR’ class, With a lower weight limit (8.25kg, roughly 18.15 lbs.), caliber restricted to .223 Rem or .308 Winchester, and you must use a bi-pod or a sling.  Both of which are included in the overall weight limit.  F-Class is ideal for the beginner competitive shooters, male and female, young and old.

“Bring what ya got,  come out and shoot. ”

The Golden Rule

We are a COLD RANGE.  Which means no magazines are allowed in any firearm and NO LOADED FIREARMS unless you are on the firing line.  Firearm remains unloaded unless otherwise instructed. All firearms in transit from your vehicle to and from the firing line must be in a holster or firearms range bag/case.   If it is your first time at Palmetto Gun Club, let us know and you will be given a safety briefing during check-in.




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