PGC Member Meeting Location Change for April Only

PGC Member Meeting Location Change for April Only

Please note – for the April 16 member meeting, we will be located at:

Doubletree Convention Center (near the airport)
5264 International Blvd, North Charleston

Same meeting time (7:00 pm), just revised location, for this month only.

– PGC Executive Committee

*** Palmetto Gun Club UPCOMING RANGE CLOSURE ***



We expect to reopen mid to late July.  The more club member volunteers helping, especially in July, the sooner we will reopen.

The contractor will be starting on April 1st.  The club needs to do a ton of work before they start.  Everything must be moved out of the pistol bays, including removal of a number of pistol bay shelters.  The three cowboy connexes need to be moved.   The jail and saloon need to be moved or taken down.  All the rifle line target frames taken down.  The gate to the rifle line removed, etc., etc.  Please come out to help!!!  We will be working March 27-31 or until everything is ready for the contractor.  Hopefully with enough manpower we can get it done in just a few days.

Also, during this closure a lot of member manpower will be needed to complete other improvement projects such as new plumbing and electrical lines; plus there will be the normal mowing and maintenance.  In July the new pistol bay shelters will need to be built, the covered firing line on the new 50 yard bay, new target frames for the 200 yard berm, new target frames at 300, 600 and 800 yards on the long line, and the list goes on.

WE WILL NEED HELP GETTING ALL THIS FINISHED! PLEASE let us know if you would like to help . we need all the help we can get to get the club back up and running once the berm work is done in July.

Once project work begins April 1, only contractor employees and PGC members cleared by the Exec RO will be allowed on-site!

NO visitors are allowed!
Please watch for email notices about workdays, and progress reports in the Bullseye and on the website.

Thank you all for your patience as we do these essential safety and other improvements.

– PGC Executive Committee

March Match Report and RANGE NOTICE

March Match Report and RANGE NOTICE

The 2019 Calendar has been UPDATED for the long-range matches. It follows the same as last year. Every second Saturday of the month. You can fin the list of dates and distances here:

Calendar pages

Next Mach

The next Palmetto Gun IS CLOSED FOR RANGE RENOVATIONS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. Follow up post coming. Members should have received an email already from the club

March Match Report

The March Mid Range match was fantastic. Thank you to all the shooters who attended the match. The match had a fun turnout with 13 shooters.  It was a great day of shooting!

The top three shooters in F-Open:

First: Robert lark with a score of 597 28X

Second: Mike Colley with a score of 584 14x

Third: Don Wagar with a score of 583 18X

The top three shooters in F-T/R:

First: George Neal with a score of 5571 14X

Second: Robert Herstine with a score of 570 28X

Third: Keith Hagen with a score of 517 6X

Overall scores

Rifle Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Aggregate
Competitor Class Score Xs Score2 Xs3 Score4 Xs5 Score6 Xs7 rank2
George Neale F-T/R 195 7 185 3 191 4 571 14 1
Robert Clark F-Open 197 9 200 10 200 9 597 28 1
Robert Herstine F-T/R 183 1 190 5 197 4 570 10 2
Micheal Colley F-Open 198 4 190 2 196 8 584 14 2
Keith Hagen F-T/R 144   183 3 190 3 517 6 3
Donald Wagar F-Open 192 5 195 8 196 5 583 18 3
John Ridgeway F-Open 195 6 193 4 187 2 575 12 4
Bill Hendrix F-Open 193 2 195 4 187 4 575 10 5
Walter Hardee F-Open 188 5 192 5 193 7 573 17 6
Peter Nistad F-Open 187 0 189 4 197 8 573 12 7
Henry Neale F-Open 189 5 194 7 179   562 12 8
James Meadows F-Open 191 5 179 1 183 1 553 7 9

Next Mach

The next Palmetto Gun IS CLOSED FOR RANGE RENOVATIONS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. Follow up post coming. Members should have received an email already from the club


Additional opportunities to shoot

There are additional opportunities in the area to shoot F-class and Prone.  Please check out Mid Carolina Gun Club, which holds a 300-yard match.  In addition, the Palmetto State Marksmen Association shoots at Ft. Gordon.  That club shoots a 1000-yard match.  Check with those clubs for more details.