September Match Report and November Match reminder

September Match Report and November Match reminder

The 2019 Calendar has been UPDATED for the long-range matches. It follows the same as last year. Every second Saturday of the month. You can fin the list of dates and distances here:

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Next Mach

The next long-range match at Palmetto Gun Club will be on November 9th. There is no October Match. The November match will be a 600-yard match.


March Match Report

The September Mid-Range match was fantastic. Thank you to all the shooters who attended the match. The match had a fun turnout with 10 shooters. Congratulation to Michael Barletta with a new club record. It was a great day of shooting!

The top three shooters in F-Open:

First: John Ridgeway with a score of 594 23X

Second: Joshua Cope with a score of 565 7X

Third: Bryan Borock with a score of 511 13X

The top three shooters in F-T/R:

First: Michael Barletta with a score of 600 32X

Second: Walter Hardee with a score of 596 25X

Third: Robert Herstine with a score of 590 25X

Overall scores

Rifle Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Aggregate
Competitor Class Score Xs Score2 Xs3 Score4 Xs5 Score6 Xs7 rank2
Michael Barletta F-T/R 200 10 200 14 200 8 600 32 1
John Ridgeway F-Open 198 3 199 13 197 7 594 23 1
Walter Hardee F-T/R 199 10 199 9 198 6 596 25 2
Joshua Cope F-Open 190 1 187 4 188 2 565 7 2
Robert Herstine F-T/R 197 9 197 10 196 6 590 25 3
Bryan Borock F-Open 145   172 6 194 7 511 13 3
Peter Nistad F-T/R 197 8 196 10 196 10 589 28 4
Keith Hagen F-T/R 189 2 191 5 189 4 569 11 5
Matt Sarsfield F-T/R 181 0 186 2 186 1 553 3 6
Harry Nettles F-T/R 131 1 144 0 132 0 407 1 7



Next Mach

The next long-range match at Palmetto Gun Club will be on November 9th. There is no October Match. The November match will be a 600-yard match.


Additional opportunities to shoot

There are additional opportunities in the area to shoot F-class and Prone.  Please check out Mid Carolina Gun Club, which holds a 300-yard match.  In addition, the Palmetto State Marksmen Association shoots at Ft. Gordon.  That club shoots a 1000-yard match.  Check with those clubs for more details.


September Match NOTICE


The RANGE is back open! The next F-Class Palmetto Gun Club Match will be held on September 14th.  This will be a 3×300 yard Mid-Range match.  Drinks and snack will be provided. Registration and setup start at 8AM and the match begins at 9AM.  Cost is $20 for PGC members, $30 for non members, Juniors are $5 and first time match shooters are free. Again, the match accepts cash/check/credit/debit cards. There is a $1 service fee on top of the match fee to use a credit/debit card.  See you of the firing line.

PGC Work Planning Session

PGC Work Planning Session

Announcement from the Club

Sunday, June 9 at 1:00 pm
Large Classroom At The Range

You’ve seen the photos of the contractor work going on for the range improvements. The range will need additional prep work by members, prior to re-opening.

On June 9th, a planning meeting will be held to go over all the club member tasks that need to be completed before the range can reopen. Each task will be described in detail, and work crews will be assigned to each task based on the skills required.

Work crew leaders will be assigned. Work crews will then be given the opportunity to schedule their own work days based on the consensus of each crew. This will allow the most flexibility and facilitate multiple tasks in work simultaneously.

If you plan on participating in any of the work, please make an effort to attend this meeting. If you cannot attend, email after the meeting date with any specific skills you possess. You will be assigned a work crew, and put in contact with that work crew leader.

Getting this tremendous amount of work done is going to take the effort of as many members as possible. Remember, the faster the work gets done, the faster we can reopen. It’s your club, show some pride, come out and help!

See you June 9th!

Range improvement Photos:     

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