Palmetto Gun Club Long Range F-class & Prone Match Announcement

Palmetto Gun Club

Long Range F-class & Prone Match Announcement

The Long-range 800y Match scheduled forSaturday Oct 8th at 09:00 is Very Likely to be cancelled due to weather.  It is too early to cancel the match at this point, but anyone that wants to be notified via text needs to their cell-phone number.

Now here’s the current status, we are going to shoot if weather permits, i.e. < 25 mph wind and little or no rain forecast.  An update will be issued either-way on Friday morning.
We will NOT shoot if any of the following are true:

  • SC Governor declares a “State of Emergency”
  • Charleston Area or Coastal SC is projected to be under;
    • Tropical Storm Watch
    • Tropical Storm Warning
    • Hurricane Watch
    • Hurricane Warning
  • Weather Channel Forecast (on Friday) is calling for heavy rain or > 25 mph winds.
  • Transportation or issues or localized flooding creates a safety hazard.
  • The Executive Committee closes the range for weather/safety reasons.

Assuming the weather turns away:
We will be shooting our normal “even month” match of 3 targets with 20 record rounds each, at the 800 yard distance from covered firing line.  Lunch will be served as usual (by me don’t expect the usual Steven Chicca buffet), Scoring will be in the classroom.
The short firing lines ( 25 – 200 yards) will be open to casual shooters or rifle testing/maintenance.

!!! Special Notice !!! AS of 10/3/2016

All F-class & Prone competitors AND spectators are REQUIRED to have both eye and ear protection in their possession at all times during a match.  One of our competitors had a serious equipment/ammo problem during practiceSunday, causing an accident which required hospitalization.
I will explore the NRA rules to determine if we can “require” eye-pro during a record string of fire, but at all other times while the line is hoteveryone will wear eye-pro.

If you are testing loads, working on your firearm on the line, or at home loading ammo or cleaning firearms
Safety glasses with or without “bi-focal reader” lenses are available on or at Home-depot for about $10

Match Report – South Carolina F-Class and Prone Mid-Range Championship


South Carolina F-Class and Prone Mid-Range Championship

There is a score correction that affects the second and third place winners. Errors with the spreadsheet forced a manual count, which lead to a human error by miscount. After fixing the score sheet and ensuring a triple recount, Tom Finley is the correct second place winner, and Robert Herstine is the correct third place winner. Sincere apologizes to the prior incorrectly announced winners.


Targets UP!

During the South Carolina F-Class and Prone Mid-Range Championship, there was an amazing weekend of shooting. Held at the Palmetto Gun Club, the championship consisted of three separate matches over two days totaling six targets of 20 rounds plus sighters each distance, 300 yard, 50,0 yard and 600 yard.

Friday included registration and sighting. In addition, on Friday, an excellent group of shooters and volunteers showed up to assist in pre-range preparation. Volunteers and shooters finished preparation by early Friday afternoon, which left plenty of time to get some shooters on target. The weather held out, although the remained hot, it was not unbearable, just a little humid. The weather remained steady the entire weekend.

On Saturday, the fun started. When registration was completed, the competition held 20 shooters, including seven F-Open, nine F T/R, and four Match Rifle shooters. Shooters started that match at 300 yards, which shooters completed by noon. After a short break for lunch and the reset of targets, the competitors started the second match of the day at 600 yards. As the afternoon match started, the morning clouds started to burn off and mirage started to show. Nonetheless, many shooters pulled off excellent results. The first day finished around 4:30pm and after a short cleanup, everyone left to get some well needed rest for the final match on Sunday.

Sunday was a new day with a new challenge. Shooting at 500 Yards at Palmetto Gun Club means shooting of the grass. With everyone moved down range, and some tents setup for spectator shade, the competitors were ready to get shooting. Shooting off the grass always adds a new dynamic. However, all of the competitors had no problems getting comfortable and laying down some fantastic scores. With all relays completed and the match over, all the competitors pitched in to help clean up. Everyone enjoyed some lunch and then the match director announced the final scores.

Thank you to everyone who came out to shoot, help out, and have fun.

Photos can be seen at:

Match Albums

Please remember to check out Dustin Hesse Photography For some more photos of the event


Match Results

300 Yard:
1st T/R – Tom Finley 2nd T/R – Robert Herstine 3rd T/R – Mark Sightler
1st Open – Kevin Baker 2nd Open – Henry Neale 3rd Open – Donald Lampert
500 Yard
1st T/R – Oriss Cross 2nd T/R – Tom Finley 3rd T/R – Robert Herstine
1st Open – Kevin Baker 2nd Open – Malcolm Drennon 3rd Open – Peter Nistad
600 Yard:
1st T/R – Oriss Cross 2nd T/R – Robert Herstine 3rd T/R – Mark Sightler
1st Open – Kevin Baker 2nd Open – Peter Nistad 3rd Open – Henry Neale

1st T/R – Oriss Cross 2nd T/R – Tom Finley 3rd T/R – Robert Herstine
1st Open – Kevin Baker 2nd Open – Peter Nistad 3rd Open – Henry Neale
Service Rifle 1st – Lucas Erwin

Column1  Rifle Class Score1 X1s Score2 X2s Score3 X3s Net Agg Position
steven chicca F-Open 373 12 352 4 365 5 1090.21 6
James erwin F-Open 391 22 376 8 375 5 1142.35 5
Malcolm Drennon F-Open 386 14 395 13 30 1 811.28 7
Charlie Cheatham F-T/R 391 12 364 1 381 5 1136.18 6
Donald Wagar F-T/R 385 10 378 9 381 7 1144.26 5
John Ridgeway F-T/R 378 8 319 2 384 8 1081.18 7
Dawn Brandt F-T/R 379 5 375 4 754.09 9
Bob Wills MatchRifle 363 3 295 183 1  841.04  
Brian Kirby MatchRifle  103 212 202 2  517.02  
Tom Finley F-T/R 396 22 386 13 388 8 1170.43 2
Mark Sightler F-T/R 391 18 384 11 389 16 1164.45 4
Oriss Cross F-T/R 388 18 392 15 393 16 1173.49 1
Lucas Erwin MatchRifle 397 17 395 21 388 16  1180.54  
Robert Herstine F-T/R 392 19 386 12 390 10 1168.41 3
Henry Neale F-Open 394 11 388 12 386 5 1168.28 3
Donald Lampert F-Open 392 13 385 11 382 10 1159.34 4
Peter Nistad F-Open 385 7 394 14 391 11 1170.32 2
Kevin Baker F-Open 399 27 399 17 400 26 1198.70 1
James Mauer MatchRifle 379 7 348 1 367 7  1094.15  
Max Mauer F-T/R 377 9 332 1 306 1 1015.11 8

Upcoming Event

Palmetto Gun Clubs next Long Range Mach will be on October 8th registration starts at 8 and first shots will crack at 9. The 2nd Saturday match for November is moved to the 26th (Sat after Thanksgiving) where we squad-up with the XTC/High-power crew for a combination match. This is our best match of the year and everyone interested in High-power or Long Range should come out.

NRA – South Carolina Mid-Range F-class & Prone Championship

NRA – South Carolina Mid-Range F-class & Prone Championship
300/500/600 Yard Tournament

Friday September 9th, 13:00 – 18:00
Saturday September 10th 08:00 – 18:00
Sunday Sept 11th 08:00 – 14:00

This is your friendly reminder we will host the South Carolina State Tournament for Mid-range Prone & F-class  The rifle line will be open to members to shoot casual but the live fire opportunity will be somewhat limited by the amount of activity on the long side of the line.

3 separate matches totaling 6 targets of 20 rounds plus sighters over two days. (150 rounds) There will be two targets at each distance: 300yard, 500yard and 600yard.  Each distance is a separate match with a slate of winners that will receive medals.  The tournament winners in each class will get very nice medals or plaque and certificates to hang on the wall.
Online registration online is required and open now!  Please see the match program and registration pages here;  SC Mid-range Prone & F-class Championship and the program here: September Program.  Also forward this email and the links to anyone interested in competing at the state level.  This is a championship, but shorter distances than most of our matches, so even beginners have a fair chance at a medal.  Service rifle, match rifle and F-class rifle welcome.

We will server lunch Saturday and Sunday. Bring a chair, and rain gear JIC.

Register Now


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